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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snow Day!

So, it's April, right? The time of year when the grass turns green, the ranchers fill their pastures with young cattle, little goats are born, and the thermometer is supposed to stay above freezing during the day. Maybe if you live anywhere but in Colorado.

We had a snow storm today. A good foot and howling winds out of the north. I had to put the horses inside the barn, and the poor goats had to come inside as well. The babies were very excited, and soon trashed my whole barn. Here is a little photo impression of their day...

Hi, I'm Pebbles and I'm the queen of the hill.

I'm Sammie, and I'm the King of the hill. So there!

Jezebel is on top with her brother Sammie below. These bags of shavings were stacked very nicely last night.

Look what those darned goats did to my barn floor!!

Elvis wants to sit on my lap. He's the sweetheart of the bunch.

Pebbles and Trouble (last years' girls) are having fun too!

Sammie and Jezebel are having a drink before continuing on with their mayhem.

Look what I can do!

Elvis is a big boy too!

Pito is checking out the goats.

we'll be getting a little more snow tomorrow, but then it'll be warm and sunny for the weekend. I can't wait! Maybe then I can put the barn back in order after the attack of the goats!