Wicked Witch of the Wool

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's a bright, sunny day!

For the first time since December 20th we have a nice, sunny day and the snow is melting like crazy. Half the barn is under water - whoever decided to build a barn at the bottom of a hill?

Let's see; what all has happened since my last blog entry? Well, I finished my 3rd Noro sweater. It's the Fitzmaurice by Jane Ellison in Noro Silk Garden #84. I love the sweater, but I had a little blocking mishap. I spent the whole Superbowl Sunday sewing and weaving in ends, and got it wet and blocking Monday morning. Since I was meeting Maus today and I knew she would want to see the finished sweater, I thought I could speed up the drying process a little. Last night the sweater was still quite wet, so I decided to put it on a hanger. Big mistake! It is now 33 inches long. I need to wet it down again and just lay it down flat to dry.

Last Saturday the husband and I went and bought a new couch. This has been a major issue for us. We like nice furniture, but with 3 big dogs and 4 not-declawed cats nice furniture stands the same chance to remain nice as for Hell to freeze over. So, we wanted something nice-looking but not expensive, and it had to have a lot of seating space. Well, we found it. This couch seats 8, and 3 people can lie comfortably and watch tv. YAY!

It is actually so big that I can't get the whole thing in the picture. Go figure.

This morning I went to the Llama Store for a quick Sit and Knit thing. They had a photographer from the Gazette taking pictures, the reporter couldn't make it today, but she will come next time.

In other knitterly news; I'm back to plodding along on my Elsebeth Lavold sweater, but I have such a hard time staying focused on this thing. I might just have to cast on for a sock or something to keep my sanity. Stay tuned!