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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goat Baby Surprise!

This is what greeted us this morning at 7AM when we went out to feed:

They were up, dry, and with their bellies full of milk. Sneaky Annabelle, she wasn't supposed to deliver for another 2 weeks or so. I had calculated that the goat ladies would need up to 3 weeks to get in their cycle once they were put in with Lancelot, but I guess she was rater keen on getting the job done.
We had planned on making a new kidding stall this past weekend, but Jan got the flu and shared it very graciously with me. They are now living in a horse stall, and luckily the weather is cooperating so the horses can be outside.

Mom and babies are doing great. We picked them up to move them, check their gender and dip the navels with iodine. The white one is a boy, and the black one is a girl. Now we need to find them some appropriate names.
I'll update the blog later today with more pictures.

Evening Update: The twins are doing great. Eating well, and even starting to play a little. Annabelle has been cleaned, and is a very proud Mom. Here are some more pictures:

Seriously, what's cuter than little baby goats?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh Wow, it's been ages..

With the birth of the online knitting community Ravelry, I've been neglecting my blog something fiercely. My bad. Lots of things have happened here since my last update. The goat babies from last year have grown up and both mommies are pregnant and should be delivering again in a couple of weeks. I've been back to Holland to be with my Mom twice; she was too ill to make the trip, so I went over to see her for her birthday and also shortly before Christmas. I've been doing quite a bit of knitting, and most of my new creations are listed on Ravelry now.

There is one thing I'd like to show off here, though. Hanne Falkenberg's Ballerina was a huge time investment, but ell worth the effort.

I've also started another obsession; Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab , which is a fabulous of company selling essential oil perfumes. I'm normally not a big collector, but I've totally been bitten by this perfume bug and have managed to amass almost a hundred bottles since October. They also sell gorgeously designed t-shirts, yoga pants, scent lockets and so much more.

Here is the first t-shirt which I just got in the mail yesterday, along with some incredibly comfortable yoga pants:

Although I love the pants with a passion, I should have known better than to clothe myself in all black. My house gets vacuumed very regularly (honest!), but with 3 big dogs and 4 cats it can be a very hairy deal.

This is how they look after a couple of hours. Sacre Bleu!

Jan gave me a wonderful Lavalliere (scent locket) for Christmas. That was so sweet of him, and I wear it nearly every day. Here's the obligatory headless torso shot, taken very poorly by myself....

Well, that was a very quick and dirty update of the last half year. With the upcoming spring I hope to be more regular in my postings, especially when my garden starts to wake up again.