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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Progress, and Mystery Stole 3

Time flies, and progress is evident in the smallest of things.

This was Trouble when she was just a few weeks old....

Here she is in the same food bowl, only now she really doesn't fit in there anymore.....

We are also making progress with the greenhouse....

It's not done yet, but we're getting there. It is just too hot to spend any significant amount of time outside working in the sun.

This weekend we had our first real meal from the veggie garden; golden wax beans and green pole beans. They tasted so good!

And finally, I jumped on the Mystery Stole 3 bandwagon and finished the first clue last night. I have been having so much fun trying to guess the theme of the stole, and maybe it is wishful thinking, but I seem to be seeing the head of a goat developing. I dragged out some lovely dark blue zephyr from my stash and used clear seed beads. This is my first time working beeds into a design without having them pre-strung on the yarn, and it is actually easier than I thought. Now I have to wait until Friday for the next clue.

Have a great week everybody, and stay cool!