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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's a Hard Life.....

Just kidding! We just got back from a 9 day trip to Bimini, the Bahamas to go scuba diving. Bimini is the least known and least touristy of the Bahamian Islands. There is nothing really to do there on the roughly 9 square miles of land than fish and scuba. Since we prefer to swim with the fish instead of killing them, scuba it is. We had a couple of great days blowing bubbles, but lost 4 of the 7 days under water due to high seas and winds. We also had a lot of smoke from the Florida bush fires. That made for a lot of down time on a deck chair by the pool. We're definitely nice and rested by now.

The dives we did get in were fantastic. Hubby saw a big honking hammerhead shark, and there were 2 testosterone filled male bull shark on our first dive.

I had one spectacular experience swimming with wild Spotted Atlantic Dolphins for nearly an hour and a half. They are such magnificent animals, and the encounter was so serene. I feel truly blessed to have experienced this.

Our trip back home was less serene. Due to the enormeous Florida fires, our little plane had a delay of almost 5 hours which caused us to miss our connection in Fort Lauderdale. Thank goodness we got seats on a different airline so we got back to Denver around 11PM. Then we had a lengthy wait at the baggage caroussel. They had managed to lose our big bag full of dive gear. Not good. Luckily it was delivered to our doorstep within 24 hours.

Tomorrow I get a nerve root block in my back. I had a second opinion on my back issue the day we left for Bimini. The first surgeon had recommended a 2 level fusion, and I wasn't very keen on that. The second surgeon said that a 2 level fusion wouldn't be enough since the disc above the 2 crushed discs was herniating. I would need a 3 level fusion. Now that's a pretty darned involved thing to undergo, and I can forget about ever riding a horse again. I would basically be reduced to a couch potato for the rest of my life. I refuse, I simply refuse. Now I hope this injection will at least give me some temporary relief.

I've been doing some knitting while away, but not as much as I get done while at home.

This is the Anniversary Sock by Nancy Bush, made in STR April 2007 sock yarn club yarn. I didn't like the pattern it came with, so I found this pattern instead.

I've also started on what Blogless MJ calls her Blueberry Shawl. I'm making it with some of the fabulous Brook's Farms Mohair she gifted me. It is so nice and soft.

More later. I need to do a boatload of laundry.


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